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Thank you for choosing  the best bulk SMS service in Nigeria. I wish to intimate you with our bulk SMS service. It is very easy to use; you don’t have to be computer guru before you can use our service. Our Bulk SMS portal is users friendly. Our bulk SMS portal send SMS to all GSM and CDMA telephone lines in Nigeria. 

How to use the portal?

  1. You have to register first: (a) Type into the url address bar. (b) Click on register and fill the form appropriately. (c) Open your email and click on the activation link. (d) Login with your username and password. (e) Click on compose (if this is your first time to login, you will be require to enter your telephone number and your Date of birth, then submit) click on compose again and start sending bulk SMS.
  2. Buy SMS. There two options for you to buy bulk SMS. Option 1: Click on buy SMS on you left panel. Follow the instruction till the end, Please note that your ATM card must have been enrolled for online transaction.  Option 2: Payment into any of our bank account. After payment, kindly notify us by sending text or call 08023384835/ 08030744709 with your payment details which must include your username and the bank where the payment is made. List of bank
  3. How to use the portal for sending SMS? (a) Type (b) Login with your username and password. (c) Click on compose. (d) Type your sender id in the sender id box e.g. your company name -- FEDEX. (e) Type all the number of your recipient in the recipient box  i.e. those numbers you want to send your bulk SMS to in the recipient box. Please type like this example 08023384835, 08030744709 or each number on a separate line like in this example:



  1. Type your message into the type message box. Please note that 160 characters including space and punctuation make 1 page of SMS. Any additional character will make it 2 pages. You can compose and send a message using 1 or 2 or more pages of SMS. It will send and deduct the equivalent cost from your credit balance.
  2. Scheduling message: You can choose scheduling message to be deliver at future date and time. For example, you composed a message today and you want it to be deliver the next day, choose more option button, click on schedule and select the appropriate date and time that you want your message to be delivered. Make sure that your account is well funded with sufficient credit. Once it comes to the date and time selected, your message will be sent and delivered instantly.
  3. Below are some of the features:
    • 5 FREE SMS credits upon registration
    • Send customized SMS messages
    • Schedule SMS for later delivery
    • Send bulk SMS from your phone without internet access
    • Type recipient numbers in any format 
    • Upload recipient numbers from file in different formats
    • Automatic removal of repeated numbers to save your credit
    • Automatic removal of invalid recipient numbers to save your credit
    • Create SMS phonebook and Groups
    • Type or Upload your addresses to phonebook from different file types.
    • Resell Bulk SMS from your website with our reseller option
    • View all Sent SMS (Outbox)
    • Check your remaining sms credits from your phone
    • Plus more...
  4. Best and reliable bulk SMS service in Nigeria: Our Bulk SMS portal platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. You just need to register if you are a new customer or Login if you already have an account. Buy credit from us if you don’t have and start messaging!
  1. Support: For further support kindly write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 08023384835, 08030744709.

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